A new version of PortScanner is currently in the works. Some of its updates are,new UI additions,faster scanning speeds,bug fixes,and ways to contact the developers. Expect this release by the middle of next week.

Posted on: 3/19/09 By XeoN

Welcome to the PortScanner official website. Thanks for stopping by. Portscanner is a project created by Richard Moss. PortScanner was coded in C++ and will be constantly updated! I hope you like the website so far as i've only applied a bit of HTML. Click "Download" to get your copy today!

Posted on: 3/11/09 By XeoN

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Latest Notes From: "Help.html"

Port Scanner Current Version is 1.1
To start using this product fill in the fields and click start!
Release Notes:
Version 1.1 (Current Version)

Fixed an issue where when clicking "clear port list" the buttons jumped.

Version 1.0 (First Release)
Please report any issues to rcmoss@inbox.com
This is released under the GPU (General Public Use) License. Any attempt to resell will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.
Please take the time to visit my website Hack-Slash.org for tutorials,Security news and much more!

Also please visit the official PortScanner releases website at Portscanner.sourceforge.net
Thanks to the following;
SourceForge.net for the Hosting and the Hack-Slash.org Community!